5 February - 8 February

Visitor Economy Week - Sponsored by The Apprenticeship Hub


Visitor Economy Passport Employers

How will it benefit my organisation?

We understand that employers often don’t have access to students with the skills that make them ready for work, meaning vacancies are left unfilled, or extra time has to be committed to training and development. The Visitor Economy Passport has been created to respond directly to these issues by creating a clear pathway to employment by developing work ready skills.

As a result, we believe students will be better equipped with the experience and capabilities to help boost productivity within your businesses and contribute towards its success. The scheme will also increase the likelihood of retention, something we know is becoming increasing important in driving down your recruitment costs. More information 

How do I get involved?

We are asking businesses to support the scheme by signing up to the Visitor Economy Passport Employer Charter

By signing the charter, employers are making a pledge to the VE skills group and to VE students that they will guarantee access to work experience, interviews, apprenticeships and job vacancies where possible.

To sign up to the charter or post an opportunity contact Natasha Mealor


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