The Liverpool City Region LEP is committed to operating in a transparent way so anyone can understand what we do, the decisions we make and how we make them.

    Links are provided below to some of the key information you can find on this website.

    Assurance Framework

    Our Accountability and Assurance Framework sets out in more detail how we make decisions. It is a comprehensive document which is reviewed annually to ensure it is compliant with the Government’s national Assurance Framework for LEPs. Since the agreement of a devolution deal with Government a Single Investment Fund (SIF) has been created by the Combined Authority, governed by a SIF Assurance Framework. This together with the LEP Assurance Framework provides a holistic governance framework for the City Region.


    Corporate information

    Anything missing?

    We welcome feedback on how we exercise our commitment to transparency and we are always looking to make improvements.  If you are looking for something that isn’t here, or you would like us to publish information in a different way, please contact us.