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Joined: 31/07/2012

LMH was established in 2008 following a stock transfer from Liverpool City Council. LMH is proud to be a tenant-led organisation with tenants at the heart of all decision making.

We invested more than £400 million on improving homes and services over our first 5 years, and over the next 30 years, almost £900 million will be spent on maintaining services and homes.

We are now delivering an ambitious development programme to deliver over 350 new homes per year until 2021.

Our investment is about more than bricks and mortar. As well as improvements to homes, people want to feel a sense of pride in where they live and we have been investing in projects designed to address community issues such as digital isolation, access to jobs and training opportunities and anti-social behaviour.

At LMH we see ourselves as a Social Business which exists to improve the lives of residents in our homes and communities. This is our mission and to do this we need to be both efficient and excellent in what we do – whether it is being a landlord, a maintenance contractor, or when we provide other support services or commercial activities. 


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Iestyn Adams, Communications Manager

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