SWRAC achieves good status from Ofsted for the third inspection

Posted 10th October 2017
2 minutes read
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SWRAC has, again, been rated good by Ofsted after their inspection at the end of February 2017. SWRAC has consistently been rated as good in all inspections by Ofsted, 2008, 2013 and now in 2017.

This consistency across the company has been delightfully received by staff as it means their work is being recognised as making a difference in the lives of the learners SWRAC supports.

Ofsted reported that a high proportion of learners complete their qualifications to a high standard, receive good support from staff both outside the classroom and inside. They also found that SWRAC evolved with the needs of the local community both in Merseyside and Dorset, devising new programmes such as traineeships, supported internships, apprenticeships and courses on employability skills.

One of the comments in the report is as follows: “All learners receive particularly good support from their assessors and employers. As a result, learners work to a high standard and gain additional qualifications and skills.”

SWRAC help young people prepare for and find work through traineeships, apprenticeships and supported internships across Dorset to prepare for and find work through traineeships. Traineeships are an education and training programme involving work experience designed to give young people the skills and experience that are sought after by employers. SWRAC offers an alternative route for students who do not want to go into higher education and students who may need extra support.