Science and art come together for a narrated coastal walk

Posted 23rd August 2019
2 minutes read
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Through the coming together of science and art, the WireWall project team from the National Oceanography Centre has created a narrated coastal walk along Crosby’s shoreline, north of Liverpool, UK.

Building Coastal Community Resilience: Preparedness Through Poetry‘ has been developed to raise awareness of shoreline change and coastal hazards. By becoming more aware of changing coastal conditions we hope people will act as advocates in shaping how communities better prepare for future change. The project has been funded by AGU Celebrate 100 grants.

The walk will stop at five statues part of a local art installation along Crosby Beach. Each stop will include a narration describing the coastal processes, beach response and human interaction. The walk will demonstrate success in describing local storm impact and how it has been measured, building an appreciation for coastal hazards and how scientific research can underpin coastal management decisions, as in the design of a new cost-effective coastal defence scheme at this site.

If you can’t get to the North West to walk the walk, you can still enjoy the poetry and images by downloading audio and video files here