Local Growth Hub programme supports Liverpool City Region SMEs

Posted 30th November 2016
3 minutes read
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In the last six months, a Local Growth Hub programme has successfully supported 25 SMEs from across the Liverpool City Region.

The New Markets 2 programme, delivered by the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has awarded more than £70,000 of support to businesses based in Liverpool City Region to enable growth, resulting in the potential creation of 30 jobs.

The programme, launched in December 2015, provides a method for established SMEs with a turnover of less than €50m to access a 35% grant for commercial advice to support and assist their growth strategies.

Services available to businesses include: financial and legal advice, strategic development including marketing and sales development and export development.

The list of businesses benefiting from the programme is diverse. GPB NW Ltd worked with Zanto Digital to developed a online marketing website for Lourdes Investment which has resulted in a 30% increase in website traffic, with a potential increase in sales of £186,000. St Helens based Vinyline Ltd has seen an 300% increase in its online presence as a result in securing eCommerce & Digital Marketing support. While, Bootle property and construction consultancy, Cunliffes secured funding to implement strategic business planning.

LEP Managing Director, Mark Basnett, said: “We are delighted our New Markets 2 Programme has helped to equip over 25 companies across the Liverpool City Region with commercial consultancy and support they need to accelerate growth and job creation. SMEs are one of the biggest drivers of the economy in the business community therefore ensuring their longevity and growth is vital to help deliver economic prosperity across Liverpool City Region.”
This programme is part of a wider ERDF funded programme of support.