Chair of the Liverpool City Region LEP, Robert Hough, responds to the Liverpool City Region devolution agreement

Posted 17th November 2015
3 minutes read
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People looking back to 2015 will note that events during this year played a crucial role in the future of the City Region.

The last few months have witnessed detailed negotiations between political and business leaders who share a common objective of building a better city region with a stronger economy. People from all parts of the spectrum have had their say on the debate and we know that there is a general will, particularly from the business community, to drive the proposals forward.

During this debate we have consistently advocated for the voice of business to be heard in the process. We are very pleased to see that those concerns have been given due consideration and have shaped the final deal struck with Government.

We will continue to promote the interests of business as the City Region moves through the early stages of devolution into a fully operating model.

This new flexibility will help to re-shape the City Region’s economy along the lines which are most appropriate to our local context.

While these are, of course, early days and we do need to prove our capabilities, we strongly believe that the benefits of devolution will grow over time and make a tremendous difference to the wellbeing of businesses and residents.

We wholeheartedly welcome the new deal and will do everything in our power to ensure the City Region seizes the opportunity which devolution brings.

To view the devolution deal click here