Why women should consider a position on the LEP Board

Posted 6th March 2019
6 minutes read
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Amanda Lyne has been a private sector member of the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Board since 2013. 

In celebration of International Women’s Day on the 8th March Amanda discusses the benefits of being a LEP Board member and why women should consider applying for LEP board positions.

For me I think it’s incredibly important for women to work at a strategic level – without greater representation, boards (LEP or otherwise) are losing out on talent and different perspectives that women can bring. That is why the Liverpool City Region LEP is working hard with its current board members and the wider community to ensure we have a diverse board – not just to meet governments (welcomed) target of one third of female representation by 2020, but because we understand that the benefits of having a diverse board will represent the diverse community that is the Liverpool City Region.  

Diversity matters

Creating a more diverse boardroom is essential. Repeated evidence shows that having women on company boards leads to better financial performance*. A diverse board brings a broad spectrum of thoughts, perspective and ideas to the boardroom table that might not be considered otherwise and better reflects the society (and customers) that a modern company operates within. In my experience the biggest reason for this is that a diverse board, ensures that swathes of talent are not ignored due to bias in recruitment and career development, as much as it is that women bring something different to the decision-making process. Our aim at the LEP is to ensure that the Board and its sub-boards will provide equal opportunity for everyone.

So why should women consider a position on the LEP Board:

  • The experience you gain in a significant strategic level, and across very different sectors is challenging but extremely rewarding.  On the LEP board you are part of a team that provides the strategic advice and guidance for economic development priorities and devolved government funds for the benefit of your area. You have a voice on local issues – your thoughts, experience and expertise are crucial in these discussions.
  • It’s enjoyable to be part of something bigger than your day-to-day responsibility. You are making a real, valuable contribution to the economic success not only of your area of expertise but your local area as well.
  • Collaboration – from a general business perspective working with other stakeholders like political leaders, chief executives, entrepreneurs, amongst others, gives you a very different perspective as well – one that I suspect a lot of people in business don’t get the chance to experience whether they are women or otherwise.
  • The experience and insights brought to the board by having more women is hugely valuable and makes a positive difference to not just to the Liverpool City Region LEP but across all LEPs.

Become a LEP Board Member

The LEP Board has launched a recruitment campaign for the three new private sector Board Members to join us which, as always, has equality and diversity at its core.

We are looking for board members that will be ambitious, passionate and committed in their belief in the City Region –their reward will be joining a highly successful private-public partnership that is driving forward the future of this amazing city region.

So why not apply and help make a difference. For more information please click here.

Amanda is co-founder of ULEMCo Ltd, a Liverpool City Region SME, that has globally unique capability in hydrogen for commercial vehicles, and a wide range of transport applications. Amanda is also been Chair of the LEP’s Low Carbon sub-board, representing the Low Carbon Economy on the main LEP Board.