What is an Enterprise Zone?

Posted 6th November 2015
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In 2012 the Government launched Enterprise Zones across the UK as part of its long-term economic plan to rebalance the economy and have recently extended this programme to other areas across the country, so all parts of the country have the ability to thrive.

Enterprise Zones aim to deliver a boost to local economies and offer a number of benefits across the UK, including tax incentives, simplified planning and superfast broadband for firms.

There are 24 Enterprise Zones currently designated across the UK .

Within the north of England these include: Daresbury, Humber, Lancashire, Leeds, Liverpool City Region ( Comprising Daresbury, Mersey Waters and Liverpool City zones), Manchester and Sheffield and Tees Valley in the North East. For details of all the other Enterprise Zones across the UK please see the attached list.

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Sci-Tech Daresbury Enterprise Zone

Enterprise Zones are playing a vital role in growing the local and national economy, delivering greater prosperity to the economy. Latest figures show the national programme which started in 2012 has attracted more than 19,000 jobs, £2.2 billion of private investment and more than 500 new businesses across a range of key industries including the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and renewable energy industry sectors.

Along with boosting the number of jobs the zones are proving popular with colleges seeking to set-up facilities and training opportunities to fill gaps in the local skills market.

The Government views the programme as successful and this year the Chancellor announced a further expansion of the programme, which will create a further opportunities for other areas of the country to benefit.

Enterprise Zones vary enormously from each other in terms of area, sector focus and economic positioning. Their main aim is to promote economic growth, accelerate new investment and support the economic development objectives of their area.

The zones will operate for 25 years and their aim is to deliver a number of rewards:

  • Generate economic growth which will lead in turn to there being less dependency upon subsidy, creating greater sustainability in the longer term.
  • Job creation in areas of need.
  • That Enterprise Zones become exemplars of technological development, clustering and place-making.
  • Within the north of England, the Enterprise Zones will also help contribute to the Northern Powerhouse concept, part of the government’s long-term economic plan to rebalance the economy.

Within Liverpool City Region there are three Enterprise Zones – Liverpool City; Mersey Waters EZ and Daresbury EZ.

Case Study :- Mersey Waters Enterprise Zone, Liverpool.

Mersey Waters EZ

Located on either side of the River Mersey, this Enterprise Zone is one of the largest in the UK (126 hectares) and aims to take advantage of its strategic location at the mouth of the river next to Liverpool City Centre, Liverpool Superport/Liverpool 2 and the Atlantic Gateway/Ocean Gateway key strategic corridor. The zone aims to deliver a range of projects and programmes which will focus on its location advantages as well as exploring key growth sector opportunities in the city region such as the marine, energy, low carbon, advanced manufacturing and professional services. In addition the zone is working to develop the appropriate employment and training support needed to support businesses looking to locate here.

The Enterprise Zone is managed by a partnership Board and reports to the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership. The zone covers both Liverpool Waters and Wirral Waters and offers Business Rate Relief for new occupants throughout the EZ as well as Enhanced Capital Allowances within Wirral Waters. In addition Mersey Waters EZ has recently announced an Investment Fund for Wirral Waters to help bring forward development and investment to this part of the zone which will benefit the Liverpool City Region.

For further information on the Mersey Waters Enterprise Zone can be found here

Heather Jago Mersey Waters Enterprise Zone Programme Manager. Tel 0151 237 3535

Details of the national Enterprise Programme can be found on the Governments website:-
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