Our ambition is to enhance and maximise our physical, cultural and digital assets to enable business growth and attract the brightest and best people to Liverpool City Region.

We need to harness emerging trends in innovative digital, transport and low carbon technologies to ensure economic growth in light of the challenges set by disruptive technologies and climate change.

Our approach to ‘Place’ focuses on four areas key to realising transformational opportunities and tackling major barriers to growth:

  • Transport connectivity
  • Digital connectivity
  • Green energy
  • Place making

Our ambition is to make our internal transport networks more sustainable, accessible and affordable to enable us to address inequality and make the transition to a low carbon economy. To fully capitalise on the opportunities presented by our growth sectors we will improve global connections with other cities.

The better movement of goods and people will support economic growth by improving employment opportunities, levels of productivity and investment whilst improved connectivity to local and national destinations will support inward investment and business relocation.

Digital Connectivity

Our ambition is to provide high speed, reliable digital connectivity for businesses and residents to improve productivity, improve social cohesion and support the transition to a low carbon economy.

We will support the provision of ultra-fast broadband infrastructure, support digital inclusion to help improve the share of 16+ population that uses the internet to ensure individuals in the City Region do not become digitally marginalised and excluded from the benefits offered by economic growth.

We will exploit the potential of digital technology to provide part of a sustainable solution to achieving a low carbon economy and integrate digital technology into our transport systems.

Green Energy

Our ambition is to provide local, competitive and resilient energy supplies to maximise opportunities and mitigate impacts for low carbon transition and improve our competitiveness. Utilising our rich asset base of green energy production, storage and distribution to become more self-sufficient.

Green energy interventions will help tackle the challenges of improving air quality, supporting health and well-being, as well as the transition to a low carbon economy. By linking green energy resources with the transport system, housing and energy consumers we will promote environmental sustainability, fuel resilience and self-sufficiency.

Place Making

Our ambition is to protect and enhance our distinctive quality of place, to improve quality of life for our residents and attract and retain those investors, entrepreneurs, skilled workers and visitors who will contribute to future economic growth.

Our interventions for place making will:

  • Identify and maximise new spaces and places of potential economic opportunity
  • Capitalise on existing spaces of economic opportunity
  • Make the International Festival for Business a permanent fixture in the City Region’s calendar
  • Upgrade and rebalance our housing offer
  • Regenerate deprived communities and promote health and well-being across the City Region
  • Adopt a ‘whole place’ approach to capture the full benefits of growth through local supply chains and public procurement for maximum social impact