18 May

Sustainable Businesses Workshop with Zero Carbon Liverpool

9:30am - 4:30pm No 1 Mann Island, Pier Head, Liverpool,
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This event is brought to you by Zero Carbon Liverpool project, a partnership between Liverpool Community Renewables (LCR) and the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) and funded by the Big Lottery.

This day of workshops will be of interest to any local businesses seeking to do more to engage with the green agenda, whether they are just beginning to consider their options or are looking for a new approach to complement current activity.

This workshop will provide attendees with a range of options to act on business energy, empowering them to act by looking at the wider context for action, whilst also providing examples of incremental first steps that any business can take.

Zero Carbon Britain is a research project led by CAT. Zero Carbon Britain has developed an energy model for the UK mapping a route to a 100% renewable energy system. They have recently published a report Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen, that considers the challenge of changing perceptions about climate change within society, and addressing other non-technical barriers to action.

The Zero Carbon Liverpool project seeks to bring the thinking of Zero Carbon Britain to the Liverpool City Region. This day of workshops will act as a challenge session enabling local and national researchers to have a dialogue with practitioners from business. There will be an opportunity to learn more about the funding which Zero Carbon Liverpool has won in order to take individuals to CAT for a short-course on Zero Carbon Britain June 7th-8th.

There will be a presentation from the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory about their current programme to fund innovations in green products and services, and provide support to SMEs seeking to improve their business efficiency.

There will be a presentation from the Local Enterprise Partnership about energy use by businesses with information relevant to the key sectors that make up the local economy.

This event is partnered with a weekend workshop Zero Carbon Liverpool: Making it Happen which is a sessions for the general public on 20th May 2017.

Please note: This event is preceded by an event on the 27th April at which the Carbon Trust will host business to discuss their Green Business Fund. 

09:30am Arrival and registration

10:00am Keynote: What is Zero Carbon? Presented by Zero Carbon Britain

10:40am Business Energy in Liverpool City Region, Local Enterprise Partnership

11:05am Greening Products and Services with Low Carbon Eco-innovatory

11:30am Morning workshop: What will your business look like in 2040?

Lunch and Networking

1:15pm Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen (for Business)

1:45pm Making it Happen – Discussion panel – 4 Guest Speakers

2:15pm Afternoon workshop: Communication with business, customers & communities

3:15pm World Café – Circulation and discussion with Guest Speakers

3:45pm Zero Carbon Britain – What happens next – discussion and questions

4:30pm Wrap-up

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