Local Transport Plan

Local Transport Authorities are required to produce Local Transport Plans for their areas.  In our area, this has meant a Plan for Merseyside and a separate plan for Halton which was its own transport authority.  Aligning geographically with the LEP, the formation of the CA will see the Halton area come within the same structures as the rest of the City Region for Local Transport Plan responsibilities.

Given this, a Liverpool City Region Local Transport Plan for Growth has been specifically put together to reflect the economic priorities set in the City Region Growth Plan and Economic Strategy.

 This shift – to having a strategy based on achieving economic goals, is a recognition of the importance that growth and job creation is as a strategic priority and the role that transport can play in enabling that growth. Consequently, the Plan specifically focuses attention on how transport can help the LEP led Visitor Economic and Superport strategies for the City Region – just two sectors that particularly require transport alignment to achieve their full growth potential.