Mersey Gateway

The Mersey Gateway is a major project to build a six lane toll bridge across the River Mersey between Widnes and Runcorn. The bridge will cost £1.96 billion and is located 1.5km from the existing Jubilee Bridge, have 3 lanes of traffic each way and a speed limit of 60mph.

When the new bridge opens in autumn 2017 it will contribute to considerably relieving congestion in the surrounding area and boosting Halton’s economy to the tune of 4,640 new jobs through direct employment, regeneration and inward investment. By 2030 the project will have generated an estimated £61.9 million in Gross Value Added and will also contribute to the sustained growth of the the Port, Airport and the entire Mersey Corridor.

Some of the key benefits of the development are:

  • Reductions of up to 10 minutes in peak periods
  • Lower carbon emissions on account of decreased congestion
  • Fewer accidents resulting in savings of up to £39 million
  • Reductions in maintenance delays because of less congestion

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